Behringer RD9 Modifications

some extra control pots and heckloads of CV I/O and switches

Haven’t spent much time with this thing but you can find pictures below and here’s a first PDF modding guide (most mods would also work for 909/Steda/RE-909 etc.). Thanks for reading, thanks to the gearheads at modwiggler, gearspace, and!

Sample Pack:

In case you’re not after modding, here’s a free sample pack of some instrumnets of my modded RD9. And here is a second installment with tom and metal instrument samples.

Sound demos:

dilly dally

You’ll find a playlist of somewhat hastily recorded mods (some crackles here and there) here:

Bass drum mods: more oomph, second vco (from tom), and a tad drive
BD played entirely per CV (for pitch and vca)
Here are the snare oscillators played per cv only
909 has no shaker? no prob – have the rim shot envelope make the snare do maracas!
Three toms all per CV (no internal triggers)
Probably never wondered how 909 toms sound when hard-synced – here’s how it sounds anyways 🙂
Oscillator FM from tom to tom
Tom Crossmod JX8P-style (i.e. amplitude modulation at audio rate)
Variable clap filter cutoff and reverb tail length
“dirtifier” for hats and cymbals
and dally dilly

And some pictures for your own analysis/delectation (never mind the odd additional cable or cap wired in by me):