Jomox Self Help (service bits)

This is a bit of an eclectic collection of pieces of information about replacement parts, service folks and such as related to older Jomox products.

If you want to chime in with some info, drop me a message via the contact form – happy to extend my list beyond the XBASE 888.

NB that I am not liable for accuracy as regards info on individual parts or service providers (of course, I document my sources as well as I can), nor does this page constitute in any way a comment on Jomox as a company. As an XBASE 888 user myself, I just find it convenient to have some pieces of info consolidated.

Jomox Service (older models):

Germany, Berlin    

Germany, Düsseldorf

XBASE 888/999 parts


Note that firmware updates/recovery are per midi sysex dump and that the XBASE is a tad picky as regards the interface you use. While the inbuilt midi of my RME Fireface works with the firmware, for instance, I only get garble when sending the fatory sounds… Jomox list the following as tested and working: Simple Joystick-Midi, M-Audio Delta 1010, RME Fireface 400/800, Evolution UC33, Emagic AMT 8, Emagic Unitor 8, Emagic MT4
Elektron TM-1, MOTU MIDI Express XT, Edirol UM-2ex, Esi RoMI/O II. Moreover, the Midiman interfaces are reported to work as per

PSU: These PSUs are claimed to work well with the XBASE 888:

Step buttons: as per, the step buttons for your sequencer steps are Alps Alpine SKHCBJA010, and  Alps Alpine SKQEAAA010 work like a charm in mine.

Display: as per Billy (emailed me, confirmed by Jürgen), these blue displays fit into the 888 and 999, and are: EA W242B-NLW;

Battery replacement: modwiggler thread here (thanks!); I have such a battery holder in mine too and NB that this protudes a bit over the rim of the PCB, so you need to wedge/wiggle the chassis a bit when reassebling (and pass that info on to the buyer if you ever sell).