110 EXTENDER – Extension Module for Roland/Behringer 110

Working with the Behringer 11 Module resulted in some modifications I found so sweet I thought they might want their own module. The advantage here, of course, is that you can leave the 110 module panel intact (BTW, this should work as well with an original). With a bit of creativity, you can use this module also for other OTA filters (MI Ripples, for instance), but of course you’d also want this in combination with a VCO, then.

Basic Module Proto

Audio demos coming real soon! Also note that the fabrication files below make use of a latching pushbutton (looks nicer than the toggle switch in the picture).

Update Oct 2022 – Project closed form my side

After toying around with this for a bit I simply don’t feel like pursuing this further. There are very nice aspects about the Behringer module and some that simply get on my nerves. So, if anyone want to use the materials under CC BY-SA, I put the complete files (schem, Gerber, and KICAD) in the linked archive below. Some minor things still need fine tuning (BP and HP ratio) and the jack sockets I use are hard to line up with Behringer’s on account of PCB size restrictions. Anyhow, fun fiddling with this as long as it lasted 😉

Module Description

The setup of the module is simple: in the upper half you have an Oscillator section that gives you individual outputs for all three waveforms the 110 produces. Additionally, there is a VCO sync input (derived from the 112 Module setup and slightly adjusted so it works well with all sorts of different VCOs).

You also get a Suboscillator. The circuit is prewired to the 110 VCO output but you can also plug in an external VCO as master. Works well with all sorts of different waveforms (tested tri, saw, square) and can, of course, act as a simple clock divider.

In the lower half you get a full range of buffered filter pole outputs. Using these you can bring in quite some variety in your sound, especially when you start mixing them. In order to save on mixer channels, I already pre-mixed bandpass and highpass.

I guess more features would have been possible, but the PCB is already a bit crammed and what’s available ain’t too shabby, eh?


As always, double proofread before hitting “oder” or committing otherwise.

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