News, media and hype!


  • MSW are very patient with my constant errors (I get awfully nervous when cool synth makers get in touch), but looks like my VCO reset mod is going to be part of their wonderful SY-1 Syncussion replica.
  • My dear friend Pedro (#fluteguy) is keen on rocking a Kobol expander with sweet extras
  • spent a lot of time reading up on gender aspects in the music industry (check my DEI section also), and will up a longer bibliography very soon.
  • Nerds on Acid releasing some tracks with a “maffez bass“… hmm 😉


  • So, Tyler Johnson gets in touch saying they love what I’m doing with drum machine modding and all that, and I’m like „oh, wow…“ 🙂
  • Just modded some beautiful Model Ds for Pedro and Juan aka Snow Owl – an honour and a blast as these are entirely catered to woodwind and bass duties respectively – nice! 🙂
  • This page will turn 3 years (ugh) in March – 1.4 Million views – thanks, for your interest, folks!!!
  • May the holy power of space cats vibe hard with this acidline! Nerds with Acid rock!
  • Martin @ mentzelmedia sent me this pics of his Model D conversion project and was so kind as to allow me posting them – looks so good!


  • Chuffed to see that Pedro Eustache was using a proton my D3MIX module for the soundtrack of Avatar 2, whoop!
  • Gimmik apparently became obsessed with some of my mods 🙂
The 2600, Pedro and that Hans guy…


Max inspecting incoming Lidell instrument for traces of tuna and chicken – none found!